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Bicycle GIF's

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In this collection of bicycle clipart all the graphics were made and/or used by other internet cyclists like myself. I just collected it from the hundreds of cycling pages that exist in cyberspace. I failed to mention the author, not only because in most cases the page owner probably wasn't the maker of the graphics, but also I do not want to disturb your pleasure while viewing all this wonderful bicycle graphics. If anybody is offended because I used his or her product withour prior consultation, I deeply regret it and will remove the graphic immediately after being notified. Another option is that a certain clipart links to your (club's) page; I'm willing to provide this link. Please enjoy "my collection" and of course, if you want to make a contribution, send me an e-mail with the GIF attached or tell me where I can find it on the net. Enjoy!

Jan Boonstra,

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