Index of Links to Korea related websites

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REMARK: Sites with glittering advertisements and where download-times are long due to showpieces of graphic design, unfortunately typical of many Korean websites, have been carefully deselected.

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Topics of General Interest

Life in Korea
This excellent site contains information and things to do for foreign visitors and long-term residents in Korea.
Kexpat Homepage
Homepage of the the mailing list for expatriates (foreigners) in Korea. There are links to personal homepages and interesting sites for foreigners living in Korea.
Korea Herald
English language daily Korean newspaper. This e-issue also contains info on North Korea, aids to Korean language study and more.
Korea Times
English language daily Korean newspaper. Which one is better? the Times or the Herald? No discussion here. But the e-version of the Herald I think is definitely better. Judge for yourself: I provide this link for completeness.
Ministry of Information and Communication
Your starting point for searching government sites.
Foreign Missions in Korea
A list of links to foreign missions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade.
Western calendar > lunar calendar conversion
Do it the Korean way: find out your lunar birthday and celebrate it accordingly! (Tip: use the Gregorian calendar).
Korea Web Weekly
From the Korean Nationalists Association. Based in the USA, this association is capable of ventilating independent views and criticism on both North- and South Korean politics and historical facts.

Links from Other Sources

Korea Links
Links to pages about Korea from KASA (Korean American Student Organisation) of Dartmouth University, USA.
Radio Korea International
Website of Radio Korea International, with info about radio transmissions, but also a lot of information about Korea, it's people and language.
Gateway to Korea
Wow! THIS is really the best and largest collection of Korea links I know of.

Travel & Tourist Information

Visit Korea
The English index of the website of the Korea National Tourism Organization. A large source of information for the traveller to Korea. But: as with so many Korean websites: be patient with the truckloads of graphics to download on your screen.
National Parks in Korea
A very informative site that makes you wanna go into the countryside right away.
This is a Japanese travel information site with lots of interesting topics about Korea.
Korean Meteorological Administration
Homepage of the KMA, with weather forecasts for Korea.
Yahoo! Weather
Maybe this is the best weather site, from Yahoo, for Korea with forecasts for 45 locations and regional weather maps.

Korea Studies

History of Korea
A summary of Korean history in 6 parts, from ancient history till the post '53 era. With convenient links as footnotes for further explanation of many topics.
Korean Studies discussion list
This list grew out of the informal e-mailing list operated by Rob Provine on behalf of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE). This list is for the discussion of topics relating to Korean studies in all academic disciplines
Korean Studies Internet Resources
From the Richard C. Rudolph's website "East Asian Library"
Frank's Korean Studies Page
Anything about Korean studies, including an extensive "white pages" list of Korean scholars and Koreanists. By Frank Hoffmann, Harvard University.
Royal Asiatic Society - Korea Branch
This society enhances understanding of the arts, customs, history, and literature of Korea and other Asian countries.

Websites about Pusan

The Choryang Wei Kwan in Pusan
Results of my investigation about the location of the ancient Japanese Trade Mission, the Choryang Wei Kwan, in Pusan. With 17th century drawings.
The internet hub for all Pusanians with lots of actual info about what's going on in the city. It's links page, serving also the whole country, is very good.
Welcome to Pusan
Official homepage of the Pusan Metropolitan City.
A Pomosa Homepage
An interesting page about everything related to the Pomo tempel, Pusan's most famous temple, by Kerk Phillips.
Pusan weather forecast
From the Yahoo weather site.
The 2002 Pusan Asian Games
Homepage of the 14th Asian Games, to be held in Pusan in 2002.
WWW sites in Pusan
An alphabetic collection op Pusan sites, thanks to Kim Ki-tae.

Latest update: Jan 17, 2001

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