Sun, Moon, Stars


The sun is the spirit of grand Yaang.

Giving things birth and feast charty, it is the shape of the King.

If the King has fault, the sun always let it exibited so that let the people know.

So, in the nation in which the tao wins the sun shine brightly, the King is lucky and prosper,

the people become comfortable.

One day, I happened to like to take picture of the sun.


The sun set

It is told dangerous to see the sun directly or with the telescope.

(It will destroy part of one's sight in just a few second's eternaly.)

This is picture of the sun through the celophan paper.

And, when the sun gets closer to the horizen, the brightness of the sun became weaker.

When multiplied ...

Maybe it is for the thic clouds that we can not

recognize the sunspot.

Can we fishing the sun setting ...

On another day, I took picture of the dropping sun covered by clouds.


The Rainbow

The rainbow raised on the evening sky after rain pour.


It can not be seen every year, but it does not seem special.

If you look carefully, you would find a blurred 2ndary rainbow. The order of the color is said to be reversal.



On 9/25, 2004 around at noon, there appeared a halo.

A halo is known to happen to be seen when there is cirrustatus, there was clouds which stretche across

high in the sky.

In this picture, we can see a white cloud which is like a sunbeam.

Can this clouds be applicable to the halo ...?

There appeared the color of rainbow in the clouds.


(Sun Pillar) ??? What will this be ...

I do not know what is this exactly. On 10/24 before sunset, 2004 ...

Though it does not seen clearly,

there is a sunlike shape near the antenna.

Of course, it is not the sun screened by

cloud. The sun is already under the thick

cloud and cannot be seen.

I altered the brightness of the picture left.

The picture right is taken just before

sunset. (In fact, the sun set during I

prepare the binocular thought which I

took the picture at left.)




Looking in detail, a blurred sun is seen like a

sun reflected by a mirror.

Maybe it is diffrent from the 'Sun Pillar' which

stretches from the sun.

What it will be ...? Though the picture below

shows something like the Sun Pillar.

In CheonMunRyuCho, the korean book about star, this phenomenon seems like the 'Sun on the head()'.

The 'riding the sun on the head' is the upright shape rising slightly on the sun.

It is written to be a good sign for the nation it appears.

(Sun Dog)

On 10/2 before sunset, 2005. According to the CheonMunRyuCho, it is 'GoRiJim' phenomenon, the earring.

In western it is called the 'Sundog' ...

It seems like that Nobody says why is the name 'Sun Dog'. Maybe the 'Cheon Gu', the 'Dog of Sky' is the origin, but,

it means the trace of a meteor. They are not the same phenomenon.


See the moon in 3D

The Moon is the core of the great shadow(Tae Eum) and became the pair with the Sun. It is the shape of the Empress.

It is a meaning of punishment compared to virtue, feudal lord or minister compared to the royal court. < CheonMunRyuCho>

It is a picture of the Moon in 3D. (Taken on 06/05, 05/05, 2004)

Do you know the 'Magic Eye' ...? The method to look in 3D is the same as that. Or just do as the method for this link.

Now we can see that the Moon has round shape similar to the terrestrial globe.


The Lunar Eclipse.

It is picture of the Lunar Eclipse on 05/05, 2004.

The Eclipse started from down on 5/5 and continued until the moon goes below the horizen.

For there was no tripod, the direction is a bit scattered. (I refitted, but not done exact.)

The latter part is blurred for the moon became it became near the horizon and the place of the observation was windy.

Can you hear the sound the shadow of the Earth is moving ... ? (I know it cannot be heard.)

The border part seems blurred. It is for the refraction and the scattering of the atmosphere. The Earth from the Moon

would have shone red on the rim. The border color is also a bit red.


A collection of the picture of the Moon

The picture of the Moon is more interesting when it declines than it is full. The land shape can be shown easily for the

shadow it casts.

Though it is the picture taken in different phase, the color is different each other. They seem like a jewel on the sky.

Sometimes clouds changed the atmosphere ...


The Stars

It is the picture of the a band of bead in orion nebular.

The Orion nebular is arranged centered on 2 stars sticked.

The center two star and the burred part.

(I did not know whether it can be taken in normal digital camera.)



Pleiades. Brightness, Saturation is adjusted. (I wish a bigger picture.)









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